Exterior Design

As technology is developing, the construction of a building also brings a wide concept. Are you intended to evolve your resident or commercial place? Interior Designer Pro design team ensure to make your functional space effective. Meeting the standards of clients and working according to suit their lifestyle is what the team targets upon.

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Residential Exterior Design

Designing a spectacular exterior for a home is not an easy process. It involves a tremendous amount of planning and execution. This is what made us stop in general when it comes to planning our dream design or exteriors. Let us look into some fundamentals:

    • Pattern: The even arrangements of bricks and tiles and a space between windows plays an important responsibility in architecture.
    • Material: Choosing a highly durable material for reflection is complicated. An Architect can suggest you the best material for the exterior that gives value to your investment.
    • Color and Shade: Choosing a color for various exterior regions is somewhat tricky. Where to use the dark shade or where to use the light shade or what to choose for entrance and a wide variety of questions may arise for each individual. Architectural point of view suggests that painting the entrance with a dark color can easily catch the attention of guests or everyone who see your home.
    • Roof: Protection of the home is a must and unavoidable. Architects work upon the financial budget to choose the durable material for roofs and the weight of the material is also taken into consideration.
    • Lightning: Darkness is of course not everyone’s look. Lightning can improve the beauty of a home. Architects can consider all the features and thus can guide in all aspects of exterior lightening that matches the style of home.

Designing exterior heaven may be critical at some point. But why worry when Interior Designer Pro effectively works at your cost to bring an effective accommodation.

Commercial Exterior Designer

Designing the exterior of a commercial building is starting to develop an interest and gain the eyes of humans. Below are some architectural tips to create a commercial unique exterior according to your taste.

    • The color of the building: Choosing a bright color gives more power to the building. Commercial places need motivation and drive people throughout. Motivation and the spirit can be brightened up through the dark colored pattern of the building.
    • Shape and pattern: The architectural shape and pattern of the building give a handsome look. The architect uses some tricks like different shapes of panels used in different locations of the same building. This indeed catches the attention for longer.