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The building we construct, either for domestic purpose or for commercial purposes must be done by taking each substantial steps with proper care and attention. And so the walls being part of it must be designed to the finest; turning the interior area an art gallery. At Interior Designer Pro we have prominent professionals who give prior importance to client’s requirements. Walls are the outer visuals after final brick construction. Thus they are the forefront eye capturer which gives an overall picture of the interiors. For this being the reason, everyone will love to design the wall by giving quotations to Interior Designer Pro.

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What are Wall designs

They are the art of sketch and paintings to make your wall look attractive. It is the modest look given to the wall.

Our designer wall themes

Each and every subunit of the building are unique from each other and thus, they require an outstanding outlook.

Living room

The living room is a pertinent location for a house where all the family members meet together and conduct a polite chit-chat. It’s also the spot primary meant for a guest reception. So, some designs such as

landscape, flowers etc will match the surrounding.


The bedroom has a more degree of privacy. So the mood creator in the wall design must be something relaxing and lovely one which you are gifted with Interior Designer Pro.


The kitchen is a mini food manufacturer to fill your tummy. So the wall design we provide you is something related to cooking. Chilly, veggies and spices designs are some of our marvelous collection.

Wall Design for commercial buildings

Compared to a house, a commercial entity is an area where people of different types meet each other. So it is a common platform. The overall look of such building also reflects the reputation and dignity of the
organization. Thus Interior Designer Pro satisfies our clients by providing them wall designs such as :

● 3D effects for entertainment-related entities.

● Cloth materials for the building which are cinema theatre or others manufacturing units where higher decibel sounds are produced

● Multiplex design for shopping malls.

● Interior Designer Pro sells wall for offices which are drafted and designed matching to the workspace.

The variety collaborations for the longlisted spaces such as restaurants, gym, salon, spa etc are infinite and so Interior Designer Pro’s products are unique to customer and specifications. Book us soon to grapple thrilling wall designs that’s none others however secured.