Architectural Design

When people began to live in groups in the society, there came the need for living spaces, as the population increased. As centuries passed the construction was of different styles and in different stages. And the man named it Architecture.

In general terms architecture refers to a building or something which has physical existence. In historical times, the civilizations are known for their survival architectural achievements. Architecture is described as an academic discipline, buildings, one of the fine arts and applied science. Here in Interior Designer Pro, we deal with architecture and interior designing to help you make your living space dream come to reality.

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There are various types of architecture available around the globe and we provide services on most of them:

Architectural styles:

Anything can only be notable when it has some style, similarly, the buildings which are built needs some architectural styles. Recently the most popular architectural styles are like:

1. Modern architecture

It involves simplification of form and absence of decoration which is used to make the parts of the building to look beautiful.

2. Post-modern architecture:

It is known as the international style of the modern world. Postmodernism describes styles of architecture and the decorative arts that were a reaction to Modernism and the Modern Movement and the principles associated with it.

The key features to look for in a Post-modern architecture building are:

    • Literary allusions
    • Bright colors
    • Classical motifs
    • The structural variety
    • And a variety of materials and shapes

3. Deconstructivism

Deconstruction is a general theory and known for the social relationship and behavior and dislocation of the structure

4. International style

The international style refers to the style of developing worldwide with the help of anonymous and pervasive way of style.

5. Brutalism

The use of raw form used often in public housing projects.